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An ident for the world’s most popular breakfast lecture series. --- CreativeMornings (CM) is a global lecture series that was started by the formidable Tina Roth Eisenberg in New York in 2008. A free monthly event held in cities around the world, CM exposes anyone who’s interested to creatives in their community. It’s a fantastic initiative and when Brisbane’s host asked us to create an ident fit for our beautiful hometown, we were thrilled to give back to the community we hold so dear. At Breeder, our favourite part of the day is when the sun comes up and the light seeps in, creating shapes in the darkness. We wanted to explore this phenomena and how it could work in an isometric, minimalistic style. The end result is a set of time-lapsed vignettes of the city waking up. Fun fact: We’ve hidden a few of our favourite artists throughout the piece, see if you can guess who’s sitting amongst the morning routine. --- CREDITS: Creative Direction: Ryan McShane Producer: Candace Marshall Edit & Animation: Alex Gee Animation: Chris Morris